“I will make a way in the wilderness…”

‘I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert’ – Isaiah 43:19

This verse in Isaiah speaks to me about how God is in control and can do anything – He can cause water to spring up out of a barren desert. He has been teaching me this in so many ways during our time in Cambodia.

The team from InnerCHANGE Cambodia extended us extraordinary hospitality, inviting us into their homes and lives for 3 weeks and so we had the privilege to glimpse life as a missionary living with the urban poor. These are people who have been serving in Cambodia from a few months up to two decades. They taught me that following the call of Jesus to love people on the margins in a cross-cultural context is laying down your life for the pearl of great price: the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We witnessed what a sacrifice it is to learn a new language as an adult: re-learning basic words for daily survival. It’s a humbling process that seems to strip you back and require a deepening of your dependence on God. Continue reading ““I will make a way in the wilderness…””

“What is impossible to me?”

On a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, I looked out the window at water buffalo in the fields and God whispered something into my soul.

I had been reflecting on home: on the past year of change and growth; and on how God has so powerfully redeemed pain and trauma in my story. I had been reflecting on the past few days of hearing others’ stories about how God has rescued them too; on the ongoing mix of beauty and suffering in Cambodia and beyond. So many glimpses of creation and the Kingdom. Still many places crying out for restoration. And into all these ponderings,

God whispered, “If the grave can be overcome, what is impossible to me?”

In my short life, God’s inexplicable grace has transformed me in ways I could never have believed. Wounds I thought too deep and permanent no longer ache. Lies believed about my identity and worth revealed and removed. My life isn’t so self-focused, it’s caught up in something bigger than me and opened to Jesus and those around me. I’ve seen this happen to others and to communities. This is a reason to rejoice! The Kingdom of God is near and breaking through all over the world.

Before more periodic posts of our reflections and adventures, this is a helpful word for us as we journey: Nothing is impossible to God. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not, cannot, will not overcome it!

– Ben